• What are the Pilotta’s opening days?

The Monumental Complex of the Pilotta is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30am to 7.00pm, on Sundays and public holidays from 1.00pm to 7.00pm. For more information, visit: https://complessopilotta.it/visita/

  • Are the spaces accessible to the disabled?

The entrance to the National Gallery, the Farnese Theater, the Archaeological Museum and the Bibilioteca Palatina is accessible to disabled visitors through platforms, elevators and stair lifts with the assistance of Complex’s staff. For information see the accessibility page.

  • What can I visit with the Pilotta Complex ticket?

The ticket is unique and includes a visit to the Farnese Theater, National Gallery and National Archaeological Museum. The Palatine Library and the Bodonian Museum can be visited free of charge during the hours and in the manner indicated on the Pilotta website. To find out about fares and ticket discounts, see https://complessopilotta.it/visita/.

  • What are the ways to purchase and pay for tickets?

At the ticket office it is possible to purchase tickets to the Pilotta museums by credit card, debit card and cash. It is also possible to purchase online tickets from the ticka.it website.

  • Is it possible to book tickets for the museums online?

Sì, accedendo alla sezione dedicata agli acquisti on line si viene reindirizzati al sito ticka.it. Yes, by accessing the section dedicated to online purchases, you are redirected to the website ticka.it. It is possible to schedule visits for individuals and groups (minimum 10 units). In the case of online purchase, individual visitors can be booked for dates not exceeding 30 days from the date of purchase, while for groups for dates not exceeding 60 days.

  • How can I buy a reduced rate ticket for groups in advance?

By accessing the “Buy tickets” section, you can purchase tickets at a reduced rate for a minimum group of 10 units, taking care to indicate the time of entry at the time of purchase. Tickets can be purchased for dates not exceeding 90 days in advance.

  • Do I have to go to the ticket office once I have bought the online ticket?

No. Once the ticket has been printed, you can enter the Museum directly by scanning the QR Code.

  • How long does it take to visit Complex?

The visit is free and the times of stay are at the discretion of the visitors. The average duration of the visit is about 2 hours, for this reason we advise you to buy the ticket in time before the closing time of the rooms.

  • Is there an internal guided tour service?

To take advantage of a guided tour you must contact the Tourism Office of the Municipality of Parma – tel: 0521 218889; mail: turismo@comune.parma.it

In the exhibition halls there are didactic panels and captions to support the visit. At the ticket office an information leaflet is available free of charge, which can also be downloaded from the Pilotta website before the visit, along with other information on the collections and the various exhibition sections of the route.

  • Are there catering facilities and a bookshop in the complex?

These services are currently not available.

  • Can I take pictures and take video footage?

Photos and videos for personal use are allowed without using flash, tripods and the selfie stick. For professional photo and video shooting, an authorization request must be submitted to the Pilotta photographic archive at cm-pil.archiviofotografico@beniculturali.it

  • Is there a wardrobe for bags, backpacks and strollers?

At the Archaeological Museum, there are lockers with key lockers where you can store your personal items for free. For safety reasons it is mandatory to deposit backpacks and bags that exceed the dimensions of 30×30 cm. Strollers can be stored without a case in the wardrobe area within the space available.

  • Are pets allowed?

Animals are not allowed inside the visit itinerary of the Museums with the exception of guide dogs that accompany blind people or support for pet therapy.

  • Are visitors allowed with food and drink?

It is not allowed to bring food or drinks into the tour itinerary.

  • How can I keep up to date with news and events?

To stay up to date on exhibitions, events and other news, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social channels. For more information, visit the events section.

  • Purchase tickets online

Tickets for visits to the museums of the Monumental Complex of the Pilotta can be purchased online from the Ticka.it platform.
by accessing the link https://pilotta.ticka.it/.

Currently the purchase is only available for the FULL and REDUCED GROUPS rates with a maximum advance of 60 days to the date of use and a booking fee of only 20 cents per ticket, but soon the online ticket will be activated also for the other rates.
The current rates for visiting the Pilotta museums include a single cumulative ticket for admission to the Farnese Theater, the National Gallery, the National Archaeological Museum at the cost of:
Full € 10.00;
Reduced groups € 8.00;
Reduced from 18 to 25 years € 2.00;
Children under 18 Free Admission
Other categories provided by the state legislation Free Admission.

For those arriving late in the afternoon and not wanting to miss the opportunity to visit the Pilotta museums despite having only a short time before the closure, the possibility of a € 5.00 reduced admission ticket valid from 5.45pm to 7.00pm was introduced. Tickets can be purchased directly at the Pilotta ticket office between 5:45 and 6.30pm.

For those who stay in the city during the weekend or several consecutive days, a single cumulative ticket has been created which allows for just two more euros than the ordinary rate to return to the Pilotta Complex for a second visit on the day after the issue of the ticket.

The entry fees for the ticket valid for two consecutive days are the following:
Full € 12.00;
Reduced groups € 10.00;
Reduced from 18 to 25 years € 4.00;
Children under the age of 18 and other categories provided for by the state legislation free admission.
If the ticket is issued on Sunday it must be understood as a consecutive day on Tuesday, since on Monday the museums are closed to the public.

For more information: www.pilotta.beniculturali.it